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Sinhala 25.11.2007

Youth Violence
violence occurs among young people ranging from ages 10 to 24. In the year 2003, 5,570 young individuals were murdered, with 82% resulting form firearms. This violence is usually carried out in the form of physical fights in school environments, violence within intimate relationships, gang fights, bullying and school shootings. In 2003 86% of the murders reported were male while 14% were female. This form of violence occurs most often among African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, and Asian/Pacific Islanders. Risk factors that increase the likelihood of youth violence are categorized into Individual Risk Factors, Family Risk Factors, Peer/School Risk Factors and Community Risk Factors.
Risk Factors
Learning disorders such as ADD
The use of drugs and alcohol
Antisocial tendencies
Family issues such as violent or inconsistent punishment practices
Involvement in gangs
Poor academic resources
Reduced economic opportunities

* JVP decisive but undecided to defeat the Government
UNICEF in Sri Lanka
Vishratha Amaradeva

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25.11. 2007

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Sinhala 25.11.2007

2007 November 11